Calgary landscaping companies


A landscaping company designs and creates interesting formations using the vegetation, rocks and pebbles that are in a compound. They can also preserve the looks of a lawn. This can be a business or residential lawn. The people who conduct these activities are known as landscapers or landscape contractors. They use their skills and specialised tools in their jobs. There are many specializations that Calgary landscaping companies can engage in. Read on to discover more about them.

Build or design

This is where a landscape company collaborates with an architect to design the overall look of a compound. The architect can be in-house or external and contracted. In this specialization, the company contractor determines how garden ornaments such as springs and sculptures can be installed and powered. The contractor also ensures that they are installed in a manner that saves energy. They also oversees the design of features such as the deck, patio and pool.


In this specialization, the focus of the landscape company is how to install the lawn ornaments and features. These ornaments can be sculptures, springs and rock formations. The features can be swimming pools and grottos. In this specialization, the company contractor oversees the installation of exterior construction features. The contractor manages the craftsmanship, planting methods and construction materials that are used in the installation process. The landscaping company also ensures that the plants and flowers are planted in high quality soil. This is so that the final outcome lasts for a long time.


Landscaping companies also engage in the maintenance specialization. A landscape requires a lot of maintenance for it to remain in very high quality condition. As such, the landscaping company assigns its contractors to perform health checks of the flowers and plants as well as cleaning up sculptures. They also maintain the plumbing an dpowering of the springs in the landscape as well as

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